Complete LCD Repair Solutions

Polarizer & Backlight Replacment, Tab Bonding, Enhancement Solutions and Board Level Repair Services

LCD Inverter Issues?

Whether your inverters need new capacitors, new resistors or rebuilt traces, we've got you covered...

Backlight Replacement

We can provide replacement backlights for most LCD's -whether it be the bare CCFL or the full cartridge units

Inverter Repair

Dark, Dim, and Flickering displays can be caused by an inverter that has gone bad. We can replace burnt caps, rogue resistors, and nasty burnt traces

Touchscreen Solutions

Severed cables, "dead zones" and other touchscreen issues don't mean your device needs to be thrown away -we can fix cable issues and often provide compatible replacement touchscreens if the original touch sensor is unfixable

Polarizer Replacement

Scratched, gouged, weathered, or otherwise damage polarizers are no problem. We provide replacement polarizer services for LCD panels from 3.5" to 26"

Our Customer Love Us

Read the reviews of some of our Customers.

Thank you. You've really saved us on getting these GE 19" touchscreen monitors fixed so quickly. We'll have some more to send you in a couple of weeks.


Our Engel injection molding machine is back up and running and the display looks as good as new. You saved us a bundle.


These guys really know their displays. Just mention a part number and they seem to know exactly what it looks like, what problems it usually has, and can pull one from their stock. It's made our process of getting displays repaired much easier because they are already so familiar with the displays and can compare it to "golden samples" from their own inventory.