About Us

With over 5,000 models of displays in stock and over 50,000 backlights, touchscreens, and inverters in our 13,500 square foot facility, no other company in the industry has better resources to get the display for your machine back up and working in the quickest possible time.

Unlike most other LCD repair facilities, LCDRepair.com can often provide “spare-in-the-air” services – getting a compatible spare display to your facility while the display that you need repaired is en route to us. This often has the added advantage of saving a significant amount in expedited shipping costs.

LCDRepair.com repairs most brands of LCD’s and Flat Panel Displays. We can repair most LCD’s as long as they are not physically broken or cracked. We can do TAB bonding, polarizer replacement, interverter repair, controller repair and backlight replacement. The normal repair turnaround for LCD repairs is 5 to 7 days. There is also a 1 year warranty on display repairs.

Since 2003, we’ve focused on industrial and medical displays from manufacturers such as Sharp, NEC, Kyocera, Toshiba, Fujitsu, LG, Samsung, Chi-Mei, CPT, Hantronix, PVI, and others.

Additional LCD services include LCD enhancements, LCD integration and LCD sales as well as associated parts including but not limited to backlights and inverters.

Our focus on displays lays the foundation for the acute attention to detail required for the repair, handling and shipping of fragile display oriented electronics – so, you get your displays working again quickly and reliably.For details on how to become a part of the LCDRepair.com team, please send your resume to recruiting@lcdrepair.com

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